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All prices are subject to change upon specific details given to each character. 




Fully lined with a lightweight breathable material with 3D eyes and plush mouth.

Can do flat eyes on request.

add ons:

magnetic tongue +$20

custom character lining +$200

Pickable nose +$10

removable eyelids +$10 each




partials come with a head, hand paws, and tail.

add ons:

Arm sleeves +$100

Feet paws +$300

body suits

$3,000 - $3,500

Bodysuits have the option to be plantigrade or digitigrade. Each one has the option of black, silver, or rose gold colored zipper pulls for better grip getting in and out of suit. Tails are always going to be attached for better flow.

Add ons:

"Deluxe" zipper +$10

Attached feet +$400

Pockets +$20 each

Character lining (digi) +$200


full suit

$5,000 - $7,000

Full suits come with everything standard above. These can be plantigrade or digitigrade.

Add ons:

Character lining (digi) +$200

Matching neck lining (Matching minky) +$10

Attached feet +$400

"Deluxe" zipper +$10

Pockets +$20 each

Stand alone parts


hand paws


All hand paws come fully lined with neoprene and lightly stuffed in the fingers for a plush look. These are one size fits most.

Add ons:

Claws +$20

Dew claws +$5

5 Fingers +$50


$50 - $900

Separate tails have nylon belt loops to be worn separate from the body suit. These can range from a deer "nub" to a floor dragger ( 6in - 5ft+)

Add ons:

spikes +$10+

Feathers +$30+

Pocket +$20

Zip on body for multiple lengths

this is exclusive to bodysuit/full suit commissions and price may vary with how many tails are added.



Wings are an add on for body suits or stand alone with a harness like base to be worn with a partial.

These can range in size

Small 6-8in: $50

Medium 12-15in: $70

Large 20in+: $100+

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